Dr. Toshima will compete with the minister in the election field

After the Election Commission rejected the candidature of Dr. Tosima Karki, who became a candidate from the National Independent Party, the Supreme Court said that she will be allowed to contest the election after there was a strong protest on the social network of the Election Commission. Sunaulo speaking on Nepal Television said that people like Dr. Tosima Karki should wake up because after five years only old people and children will be left in the segment where only the leaders of the old party who have been ruling the politics for years are left.

She has said that she is going to contest the political election saying that the political business that has been emptying the country by developing only for herself and herself for years should be put to an end. After the decision of the Election Commission was annulled by the bench of Supreme Court Judge Kumar Chudal, the way for him to contest the election is open. Spokesperson Bimal Paudel informed that the bench of Judge Kumar Chudal has given this order.

The decision of the Commission on November 12 to disqualify Karki’s candidacy for Lalitpur 3 until the case presented by Roh, including the situation of irreparable damage and the balance of facilities, which may be caused to the petitioner in the context of the candidacy for the House of Representatives elections, is not to be implemented. Karki became involved in Nepali politics by saying that she would quit the profession of doctor and become active in Nepali politics for the development and rights of the country and people.

“To say that he is in a position of benefit, it does not mean that he is a member of the Medical Council, a position of regular remuneration, or a position of regular responsibility,” the order said. It appears that the situation is not regular.”Karki is an elected member of the Nepal Medical Council. According to commission sources, he was found to have received allowances when he went to council meetings and monitoring.

In recent times, people from all walks of life have become active in Nepali politics since the new leadership has been elected because of the lack of good governance in the country. But Karki has been mentioning that there is no fixed salary in the council, only stipends are received when attending the meeting and as an elected member, the position of member of Nepal Medical Council is not a position of profit. She also mentioned that she wrote a letter on August 28 and asked the commission whether the position of member of the council is a position of profit or not. But the Commission did not reply to Karki in this letter.

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