Dr. Upreti told the leaders to wear shoelaces and black socks

Nepal is preparing to form a new government. But Nepali political parties are busy breaking up, splitting and reuniting. No one knows how many times they reach and where they explode. Political analyst and senior doctor Dr. Ram Prasad Upreti has informed that a leap is being prepared in Nepali politics within the next 40 days.

He has even declared the end of federalism and republic in Nepal. He is confident that the monarchy will re-emerge in Nepal in the near future. He describes himself as a royalist. Because he has been opposing the same system for 55 years, now he has a great desire to bring the monarchy and keep it on the throne. He says he has no interest in it. But he says he now regrets that he opposed the monarchy after being deceived by others. He emphasized the need to bring a monarchy, including Bajagaja, as soon as possible for the dignity of Nepal.

Preparations are underway to bring a king as a surprise for Nepalis around the world. He said that Diwali would be celebrated all over the country on the day the king came to power. He says that the king left his throne at the instigation of others. As there is no fascination with the throne, efforts are being made as soon as possible to bring the king who came to Nagarjuna to power.

The monarchy was thrown away by the people yesterday. Political parties are also made for the people. If yesterday the monarchy was thrown away by the people, now the monarchy is brought back by the people. The demand of all the people is to return to the country. According to Dr. Upreti, the results of their research show this. The people have spoken saying not to show the face of these corrupt leaders. He says that they have researched and spoken records about what Nepalis in the United States, Australia and other countries of the world and Nepali people inside Nepal want. Voices are coming in favor of the king all over the country.

If the current parties had done a good job, if they had fulfilled their responsibilities, the people would not have looked for alternatives. Even if the agenda of another was brought, it was a constitution made at a cost of one hundred billion rupees. If it was done well, it was given time to run the government for 5 years. But they did not make good use of that time. He has a question as to why he should take care of those who do not do any work.

The parties have also opened their sister organizations among Nepalis living abroad. He says that Nepalis living abroad are spoiling them by collecting donations and giving donations. It is to make one’s family poor, so in the coming days, all Nepalis around the world can wear a garland of shoes instead of a levy when the party leader comes. Dr. Upreti says that making the leaders powerful by the Nepalis living abroad is like hitting their parents on the head with a shoe.

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