Dumbar and Yagyamani, who had lodged a complaint against Rabi’s party

In today’s headline Nepal, presenter Sanjib Regmi, along with advocate Yagyamani Neupane and Dumbar Sahu, have a special debate on the complaint filed against the National Independent Party. After Rabbi Lamichhane registered his party with the Election Commission, some people complained that he could not be kept independent. The lawyer said that when a person opened a party, he did not feel embarrassed when another person complained that he was embarrassed even though he was not allowed to put names, flags and election symbols that would embarrass the other party.

The lawyer said that there would be no problem in registering an independent party legally. He said that he had lodged a complaint against Rabbi Lamichhane for opening the National Independent Party (NIP) and cheating on him in order to attract the attention of the independents in the local elections. Yagyamani said that even though there is a rule that a person cannot go to two parties, since there is no independent person who is angry with the party, nowadays people who are angry with the party should contest the election as UML, Congress, Maoist and RPP. After Dumbar calls Rabbi a swindler, Yogyamani is hot.

He had declared his supporters as “National Independent Party” on July 22 in the National Assembly. Initially, he said, the party’s election symbol bell was placed, including people who knew 21 countries. As Rabbi Lamichhane was about to register the National Independent Party, some people filed a case with the Election Commission and claimed that they would go to the Supreme Court if the Election Commission did not comply. He had no objection to the registration of the party and demanded that the name of the party should be changed as the name of the party would come instead of going freely without getting a ticket from the party. He said that if the party was registered for the people to be free, their right to be free would be violated.

These days, he said, people from all over the world are actively involved in ringing the bells of corrupt and evil people. He said he had held discussions with people from different political parties in the middle and, with people with a new vision, did not want to merge within the parties, he was trying to expand the new organization. He said that every person should have his own charm and move forward with the support of the people who have been suffering in the country and abroad. He said that although his journey was not easy, it was not impossible. He has said that he will move forward with the people who are ready to take over the country.

Journalist Rabbi Lamichhane, who has been named in the Guinness Book of World Records, has also said that he will be seen in full-fledged politics. After winning the hearts of people in the country and abroad in a short period of time, Rabbi Lamichhane has expressed his commitment to get involved in politics through the media to strengthen his contribution in the field of Nepali journalism and reach the parliament with his voice. “Rahar is a communicator and the situation makes him a politician. It is not my rahar, desire, revolution, rebellion, ambition,” he said.

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