Dunning Kruger effect || Dr.Yogi Vikashananda

Do you sometimes like to check how intelligent you are? Everyone has no doubt about their intelligence. Everyone thinks that what I have done is right. But the more foolish a person is, the more wise he thinks he is.
In the United States, for example, a man robbed two banks. The man was arrested by the police within an hour of the bank robbery. When the man gives a statement to the police, all Americans are shocked. The bank robber was not a professional robber.

Nor were they involved in any criminal activity. During the police interrogation, the man insisted that he had not robbed the bank. When the police said that they saw the same person on CCTV, the person questioned the police as to how he knew that he had robbed the bank by putting lemon juice on his face. In fact, the person has studied a book. Where the letter written from lemon juice is not visible to the eye. It is written that the letter writing can only be seen by burning the paper and he has also done experiments. In this way people are testing their intellect.

People who know something inside seem to know a lot of things. The person who knows something thinks that nothing will come to him. This mentality is present in every human being.

In the United States, Dunning and Crower experiment with human mentality. Where students and workers in different fields are asked to write on paper about three things. They were asked to write about grammar, humor and logic and were given numbers on how much they could think about. After everyone’s number came, they were interviewed. The same things were asked in the interview. The interview found more confidence in what was weak.

This means that people will be more confident in what they do not have. But on the contrary, those who are good at it do not really like me. This means that those who don’t know anything look confident. Those who know a lot feel like they still have a lot to learn.

The point here is that people need to have a confident label. But if you show confidence in what you know, it will ruin people. For example, The Goddess of Delphi asks who is the wisest man in Greece. Delphi laughs and takes Socrates’ name. They then tell Socrates that you are not the wisest person in Greece. When asked again why not, Socrates answers that there is only one thing he knows, which is that he doesn’t know anything. The same thing is said to Delpha again by those people and Delpha laughs, she knows about her knowledge that nothing comes of it so she replies that she is wise.

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