Durbar murder scandal in grand design

This is the 20th anniversary of the Durbar massacre, which took place in such a way that the dynasty of the royal family was wiped out. Even after so many years, the truth of this incident has not been found out. It is still a mystery as to who caused this incident and why. Dr Vijay Mishra and Dilliram Khanal said the incident was a grand design of a foreigner. He said that only Nepalis could not reduce the incident and some foreigners and courtiers were involved. Nepal is a Hindu nation

The palace massacre was not only perpetrated by Nepalis and it is not even possible. According to Dr. Vijay Mishra, it is a fact that this scandal was carried out by a foreigner by taking some members of the palace on his side. It is also important to know who survived inside the palace and how. If all this is in the interest of foreigners only, why should only one clan be saved? This means the involvement of people inside the palace. Paras does not appear to have been involved in the statement.

When Paras said that we are here, the words that he did not shoot can be heard in his statement. In it, Dr. Mishra questions why Paras survived. Similarly, Dhirendra, who was shot only once, will die, but Komal Shah, who was shot once, will remain a judoist, said Dr. Mishra. He said that the Nepal Army may also have been involved in the incident. He had stated that he was inside the palace at the time of the incident and had fallen asleep on the ground after the shooting. Looking at all these things, he said that members of the palace and some members of the Nepal Army were involved in the Durbar murder case. He said that no one could enter the palace without the involvement of the army as the security situation inside the palace would be strengthened. He said that for this, it was necessary to find out who was the Nepal Army who was angry with the royal family.

Dilliram Khanal says that there is a joint grand design of the West, USA and India to end the monarchy of Nepal. The mass movement of 2062 BS and 2063 BS had succeeded in overthrowing the monarchy for hundreds of years. According to him, the death of the entire family of King Birendra but the safety of Gyanendra’s family is a mystery and a planned event. However, he said that Gyanendra and Paras may not be directly involved.

According to Dr. Mishra, journalist Jamim Shah had published the details of the Durbar murder case in his magazine Space Times on the same day. On the evening of the incident, he instructed his reporters not to cover the front page of his magazine. According to Dr. Mishra and Dilliram Khanal, foreigners and members of the court were involved in the palace murder scandal.

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