Durga cried in front of Rajesh Payal, Rajesh was emotional and promised to bear all the expenses.

Singer Rajesh Payal Rai, who has been honored in Nepali song music from Nepal, to the United States and abroad, has recorded a sentimental song and Durga Birhi, who composed the song, is also with him. Rai, who has been struggling in the Nepali music field for years, has said that he cannot give up music for the rest of his life. Durga, who is emerging in the new market, has a different kind of mantra in her voice, she said that her company gives her a chance to learn something new.

He said that Durga got involved in music and went abroad after suffering a lot of pain. He has been a fan of Rai since he was a child and he said that he was lucky to sing his song. He says he has been suffering since he was a child. After losing his father at the age of 11, he had to get married quickly, and shortly after that he gave birth to a son with a heart condition.

He said that even though he was interested in music, he was forced to go abroad for the first time because of the love of his children for his treatment. Durga, who went abroad due to financial constraints, said that her son’s first operation was successful after a long struggle. He said that people look good from the outside, but from the inside he suffers a lot.

He said that he worked on the project in order to support Rajesh Oil Rai as he did not want to upset the people who came to visit him. He said that since his new siblings were terrified of working with old artists, he kept reminding them not to panic. He said that he was reminded that a person can be successful in life by working positively and never panic. He said that the artist should never seek honor, even if the awards he received are burnt to ashes, he is not sad that God gives him more than this.

He said that it was difficult for Durga to save her son even after going abroad for her son’s treatment. He said that only an artist understood his pain in life. He said that while working in rehearsals yesterday, people who did not work said that their relationship with their friends who had struggled together would deteriorate. Durga has said that she wants to keep Rai in the place of her parents as her parents are not there today.

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