Durga Prasai, B&C and Nobel will stop insurance treatment from July 8.

CPN-UML central member ABM Jhapa businessman Durga Prasai has been in the news lately. Prasai said that the government has been allocating money for health and eating from the bottom to the top. He said that the service will be stopped even after paying Rs 8 billion to the teaching hospital and if the private hospital is not paid, he will stop the service from July 8. “If 50 billion rupees is allocated to us instead of 100 billion budget, we will bring the sick from home, treat them and leave them at home,” said Prasai.

The school that produces nurses in Nepal has been closed and nurses have to be brought from abroad. Prasai has said that development cannot be achieved by sending Nepali students abroad, sick people and creating political parties. Prasai said that they have been working at a loss and remitting money from top to bottom. Prince Save Save Mohabbat Maktum of Dubai Jomla Maktum has arrived in Nepal for a three-day visit. From time to time Prasai, who has come into conflict due to his various activities, is still in the news due to his golden stick.

At a time when local level elections are approaching, leaders and activists are visiting village houses to meet the people and party programs are in full swing. After playing Durga Prasai’s report on the program some time ago, Durga Prasai, who came to the fray, is a Babasai affiliated with the CPN-UML party and has close ties with the SIRS leaders. Prasai said in the program that since he is doing business by paying more tax to the government of Nepal than any other business person, he should work with a journalist to increase his business. Prasai said that businessmen, police, people from different walks of life in the country have been paying money to the journalists and they still have to pay cash. Were

Prasai has said that when a person comes to my house, he should ask the journalist for food, people should ask him to eat jazir and open an industrial factory. The journalist has told how many people have tied ropes in the valley when the court was formed. Prasai says that he did business with his own investment and did business with the money of the state treasury. Prasai has said that he has not done the job of sending the youth abroad by closing down the factories opened in the country like the Congress. He said that the Congress had forced the youth to go abroad and that he had been motivated to stay in the country.

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