Dwarika Lal Chaudhary | Glamour Guff

Glamour Guff is a weekly talk show presented by Prakash Subedi. It is a show with a number of celebrity guests from Nepal Entertainment Industry appearing for an entertaining chat.
Every Saturday at 8:00 PM

Guest: Dwarika Lal Chaudhary

Producer: Phurba Sherpa
Editor : Indra Manandhar
Script/Voice-Over : Sachit Khadka
Asst. Producer: Sujan Shrestha
Camera: Amrit Sunuwar, Sanjay Paudel, Ujjwol Shrestha
Graphics: Bibek Shrestha, Ramesh Thapa, Susan Shahi
Makeup: Shova Shrestha

Jai Kisab Basnet and Rajendra Khadki, two celebrities in the field of Nepali cinema, who have been much talked about and disputed in recent times, have come face to face in the media. The two have come face to face in Prakash Subedi’s program Glamor Gossip. Giving information about this, journalist Subedi has written the status.

Watch tonight at 8pm on Epiwan TV and Rajatpat Online TV, Rajendra Khadgi Versus Jai Kishan Basnet with Prakash Subedi together, very frank debate tonight at 8pm, hot glamor talk (conflict director Rajendra Khadgi and actor Jai Kishan Basnet together.
Similarly, actor Jay Kisan Basnet has written giving the same information.

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