EDV open, how to fill?

The United States is set to open the EDV lottery for 2023 from today. The US State Department is scheduled to open the DV lottery from 9:45 pm Nepali time on Wednesday.

To fill out a DV, go to the U.S. State Government’s site and fill in your original documents. When filling the DV, details like name, date of birth, place of birth, passport details, photo, address, phone number, email etc. should be submitted.

The winners of the DV 2023 will be able to obtain a visa by September 30, 2023, with the results coming in May 2022. The US Embassy in Nepal wrote on Facebook about DV:

How to fill DV?

The DV lottery form is posted on the website of the US State Department. Fill in your actual details with your photo there. From there a confirmation code is given.

After the DV lottery application is completed, the US State Department announces the results of the lottery. The confirmation code given at the time of filling the DV confirms whether the DV lottery has been cast or not. Therefore, the confirmation code should not be forgotten.

There is a provision to submit a formal application for immigration visa if DV is drawn. Along with this, you should submit your educational qualifications and other required documents. If the document is in Nepali or any other language, English copy should also be submitted.

The U.S. Immigration Service then studies the applicant’s background. The process of interview begins after studying the applicant’s criminal record, checking whether the details are correct or not, medical examination etc.

However, even if all the details of the applicant are correct, they may not be selected for the interview. The United States does not issue visas to everyone with a DV. The United States is said to have issued visas to only about 40 percent of DV holders.

If the selected interview is successful, the way is open for the applicant to travel to the United States. You will then be issued an immigration visa. However, not everyone who succeeds in the interview will get a visa. However, getting a visa opens the way to travel to the United States.

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