Electric bikes made in Nepal are being opened for sale,Yatri Motorcycle

One team of Engineers has launched an electrical motorbike in Nepal. Yatri motorcycles group is providing the helping hand for that engineers. According to the report, the design and manufacture of that bike is done in Nepal.

The manufacturer team has used the cutting-edge power train, class leading vehicles software and inhouse development progress inside the system. The bike can run up to 230km far away in the full charge of 2 hours. It has the power of 8 Kilo watt per hour and 3.3 kilo watt unbolt charger. It consists of different mobile apps inside it which includes- android and iOS antihate, servicing appointment, roadside assistance and many more. The project of their work will be uploaded in their website since the month of April where the customer can purchase the bike on down payment.

The name of this motorbike is Yatri which is made by the young, energetic and highly skilled Nepalese youths. The team of 7 workers which includes the 4 engineers have opened the Yatri motorcycle studio and had launched the way of designing the motorbike and its overall designing and manufacturing way. The developer of this company is Asim Pandey. According to him, all the sphere parts which need to be included inside the bike are designed in Nepal and with the collaboration of other counties like- America, China, India and other European countries. Some parts are designed in Nepal and made through the help pf abroad countries because of high cost to manufacture in Nepal. The bike consists of 4 hertz power. The research was done since 2017. After than in 2018, they (the team) went to different places of Nepal to learn about the transportation system/ condition of Nepal.

They study about the problems facing by Nepalese while riding the bike and the bike was designed by considering their problems. Unlike the other bike, it consists of carbon fiber which make the bike simple, light, beautiful, safe and comfortable. Fifty electrical bikes will be launched for the first time by the Yatri motorbike studio. But the cost of the bike was not decided yet. The director of Jyoti Group “Saurav Nepal” had booked the electric bike for the first time or we can say him as a first customer of the bike. 30 kilo watt motor has been used here, which is very high in comparison of other motor bike. The maximum speed of the bike is 120km. The company gives the warranty of 8 years. Its charging life cycle is about 2000 times. This proves the Nepalese students/youths can also develop their skill and can fulfill their dreams in their own land, Nepal if they have strong desire in themselves like Asim Pandey. This project can be a big slap on Nepalese youth who always say that no innovations can be done in Nepal

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