Electricity consumption is becoming a headache for Kulman, what if India does not buy.

At one time load setting used to be up to 18 hours in Nepal. Now it is difficult to consume electricity in Nepal. Consumers are not able to get service facility in any government office in Nepal due to negligence of employees.  Due to which the concerned body has not been able to do the required work. The law of the country has become very good considering the law.  Some time ago, the situation of Nepal Electricity Authority was similarly dire. When Kulman Ghising was appointed as the Executive Director of Nepal Electricity Authority.

At one time people were not even allowed to use electricity in Nepal. Electricity was not available at the required time. From that time till now only notice was issued to use electricity. Due to negligence of employees, common people used to steal electricity.  Although enough electricity was generated, it could not be utilized well. All the employees were doing their best, the rules and regulations did not seem to be enforced.  Adequate electricity is available.

Nepal is now worried about how and where to consume energy. The electricity that was once scarce even with a small manpower is now being used by many consumers and even sold abroad. Nepal now has 2000 MW of electricity available.  Electricity can be used for many purposes, but the general public is less aware of it. Nepalis buy expensive diesel, kerosene, petrol and gas at their own expense.  Diaries are found running.

It is important to explain to the people that any work done with electricity is less costly and better in terms of human health. Due to which people will be more attracted to the use of electricity from stoves to squares.  Ghishing says that in order to reduce the amount of pollution in Nepal, it is necessary to spread the word that money is saved.

Even though Nepal has 2,000 megawatts of electricity available, its daily consumption is only 1,400. Nepal has decided to sell its unsold electricity to other countries. With the construction of the Upper Tamakoshi project, the quality of electricity seems to have changed.  Ghising says he now has to pay Rs 1,550 for gas, but starts cooking using electricity, which will cost only Rs 1,000. Nepal has a lower rate than South Asia.  People say that they have to consume excessive amount of electricity.

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