Encounter with police in Baneshwor against MCC

There is no shortage of people fighting against mcc even though Dashain Tihar is affecting Nepali citizens. There are indications that the Nepali people do not need mcc even if some leaders should not be brought.  Many human rights activists, social activists and leaders have also spoken about the negative aspects of the society. They are raising their voices from many places.  He has gone to both places and shared his work experience and following the problems faced by Nepalis abroad, he has also spoken about the need for Nepali youth to do something in Nepal.

Fearless social leaders born in accessible areas of Nepal have also taken to the streets against mcc. His country has won the hearts of many ordinary people living abroad.  Speaking at a program in Baneshwor, he said that you should shoot the leader with your bare hands. He said that MCC is needed.  We have come to work, not to speak. All the leaders and activists have spoken out against the MCC.

Swagat Nepal gave a powerful presentation at the event in Baneshwor. The presentation at the event sparked a scuffle between the Nepal Police and the presenter.  They are against Nepaliness. Where are the heroic Gorkhalis of our country now? The country needs khukuri. He says that anyone who wants to implement MCC should be arrested and imprisoned.  He says that the Nepal Army should not stay inside wearing a birdie but should work for the security of the country.

He said that the party leaders and cadres who think that mcc should be brought to Nepal have also written down the vehicle number of the party cadres.  His character would have been hurt to see the character of his wife and co-worker involved in selling the country involved in corruption, proverbial pieces.  He is of the opinion that Dar is a traitor. He says that he has kept the country devotees as a brand of liquor.
You have done something for the country. Stop branding the contribution of others and go to the polls. The leader should end the tendency of imposing big laws on the people even for small mistakes.  He emphasized the need for an end to the rule of law. He said that it was wrong for the old generation to take the lead and change the face of the country.  Property has to be bought. Lately, there has been talk of clashes between the people and the police in the country.

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