Engineer Dhakal who was reprimanded by Deuba Live. Did the challenge after reaching Dadeldhura.

Sidhakura Janata Sang Le, a program broadcast by News 24 Nepal, has been addressing the concerns, complaints and questions of the Nepalese people, and has been raising the problems of the people. Today’s program is a special conversation about the result of SEE and the education policy taken by them. Education that is not used in life does not seem to make any difference in life. If you only get education, if you don’t make good use of it, the education you get has no meaning.

There has been a special debate on the fraudulent business of call centers run by Chinese nationals in Nepal. The issue of Miruna Magar, the heroine of Kabaddi Char, has come to the fore again. Four years ago, when Prime Minister Sir Bahadur Deuba was questioned on the common question of the program prepared by BBC, Sagar Dhakal, who was reprimanded, even though he was an engineer by profession, went all over the country to build the country. He said that leaders under 40 years should come. In order to defeat Ser Bahadur Deuba, who is continuously winning from Dadeldhura, Sagar Dhakal has said that he will give his candidate from his area and hold a press conference.

Common citizens who are happily earning their living in the country and abroad, who are voiceless, raising questions in the voice of people who have no one to speak and listen to, calling for the rights and interests of the people, the program “Sidha Kura Janata Saeng” is the tears of many sad victims. It has been done. Whether it is rescuing people trapped abroad, or raising the problems of people who have not received justice within the country, they have worked to give some relief to people’s lives.

From the people trapped abroad, raising questions about injustice in their own country to giving justice to the common people, this program has been raising voices. By raising voice about the injustices in Nepal, the program was conducted with the people of Sidhakura in order to be the cause of the happiness and sorrow of the voiceless people. . For the first time, Rabi Lamichhane conducted the program “Straight Talk with the People” by raising the voices of the people in different countries, in a state of suffering, in the streets, the sad, the poor, the homeless, those who have lost hope from all places.

Lamichhane, who has been living in America for some time, has been conducting the program for the longest time, 72 hours continuously, came to Nepal and started to be the cause of the problems of the common people from news 24 nepal. Addressing the cries of trapped women, he became known among the audience after his continuous efforts to rescue them. After he started raising his voice against the injustices, inconsistencies, atrocities and wrong customs in the society, the common citizens came close to him.

After Rabi Lamichhane left News 24 Nepal after running the program for a long time, the program was hosted by Zikkan Bhuzhel for some time. Since the time when Zikkan Bhujel stopped running the program, Birendra Jairu has been running the program regularly. Taking up the problems of common citizens in the country and abroad, he has been advancing his journey by becoming the source of people’s happiness and sorrow. By raising the cries of the people abroad, they are going to raise the problems of the people on a regular basis.

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