Entire cost of Covid patients who cannot afford the treatment and the Janamitri Hospital

Rabi lamichhanele”We have collaborated with the Janamitri Hospital in Balaju, Kathmandu to start the service from tomorrow. We will now be responsible for the entire cost of Covid patients who cannot afford the treatment and the Janamitri Hospital is treating them cheaper than the government has prescribed. Those who can pay may not pay, we are. We are saving Rs 19 per person through the “Work Talk” program.Tomorrow at 8pm I’m starting testing the quiz through the “Work Talk” program. For this you need to download DOKO App and register. No one, including me, will be paid. Instead, my personal car and the 12-seater van of the Galaxy 4k remain in the hospital for 3 months. All preparations are almost over, help in oxygen collection is needed. You are using this new one at your own risk. The rest of this video … more tomorrow at 8 p.m.

Rabi Lamichhane is a Nepalese television presenter.He had hosted a popular television show, “Sidha Kura Janta Sangha”, before which addresses the root causes of different issues that occurs inside our country. He is also known for his “detective-style”. He raises a direct question to the Nepal’s bureaucracy regarding the problems of the country in various fields. Rabi interviewed the top politicians, journalists and celebrities.

He took the phone calls from different viewers while conducting the marathon show.He set the Guinness world record at over 62 hours program show. The record has since been broken later by Alexandru Raducanu . Alexandru hosted an over 72-hour-long show. The motto of the show was to bring the root problems of the country from the different corners of Nepal. And then try to resolve it using different approaches.

Lamichhane was best known for his straight forward nature. rabi was full of bold and active personality. He never low down his character in front of any top politicians, leaders and journals of the country Nepal. His bold voice added the marvelous style of presenting himself in his show. He is an eye star of many Nepalese youth. He raised all the question regarding politics, economics and socio- culture sectors in his show. Rabi interviewed the top politicians of the country in a very daring way. Many are fond of his hosting &presenting style.

Rabi collects up the complaints from the ordinary people. Mostly who are victims of fraud or corruption, and encounters the ostensible doer on camera. Lamichhane, after becoming the celebrity of Nepal and gaining the limelight, many people raised the voice against his journalism style. Many people try to down his character. Many want to show him as a criminal. Rabi neither lack his energy nor down his boldness style despite of many controversies. He always marches his way towards his journalism.

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