Even if you don’t want to live, you live for your daughter: Palpasa Dangol

Meri Bassai’s Chamsuri (Palpasa Dangol), who gained fame by bringing her to the Nepali art scene, said that she lived for her daughter even though she had no desire to live. She said that even though she knew that she was sick, she continued her work without telling anyone. She said that now she is healthy as before, she is going to play the serials from yesterday, and she has started working on other serials as well. Palpasa said that she got pregnant because she had a daughter rather than a son.

Meri Bassai’s character Chamsuri was not seen in the serial for a long time, due to health problems, she had to stay out of work for some time. After the news that both kidneys failed, after the video of her crying from the hospital saying that she wants to live went viral, when there was a discussion at home about who would give her a kidney according to the rules of the Nepal government, at first she said that she would give her a kidney to her daughter-in-law Sanju, but because she had three operations. He could not donate a kidney. But because she had three operations, she could not donate a kidney, then her brother Arjun Dhungol, along with her daughter-in-law, saved Chamsuri with a kidney.

Now that my sister’s health has improved, two sisters and brothers have come to Medea. Although in many places the relationship between mother and daughter-in-law seems to be broken, they say that they have a relationship like that of sisters. Sisters and brothers who can’t live without fighting in childhood have come to the media, Arjun, who said that he was ready to die for you knowingly when he was young, is ready to give his life to save Sachi’s sister.

She was under treatment for a long time and now, after her health improved, she returned to work for a short time. Later, after her health worsened, she was admitted to Punah Hospital. To help her, she went to the hospital to Bashundhara, the president of the Movie Welfare Fund. After reaching the hospital, Bashundhara When met Palpsa, she was emotional seeing her contribution and her health condition, and her team donated 2 lakhs. After the audience did not see him for a long time when Chamsuri had to bring him to the serial, where did he go? Many types of diseases and pains come to people in life. Some things are not solved by going to the solution path and some things are not solved no matter how much you do.

The real name of Chamsuri’s character in the serial is Palpsa Dangol, although she continues to live in Meri Bassai, she has not been seen in the serial since she was admitted to the hospital recently due to many health problems. She tells that she will appear in the serial even if it is for a short period because Bacheko is alive because of the immense love of the audience. Chamsuri, who thought that she would not live when she was sick, says that she should live now. Chamsurika, who has been ill for 5 years, had two kidney failures, Chamsurika, who was first on medication, later started having more health problems and stayed in the hospital for 6 months.

Chamsuri, who didn’t even know that so many people know her, says that when she is sick, she feels that she should be encouraged and live more after receiving the love, support, and blessings of the audience. When she is sick in her life, seeing the crowd of people who like her, Chamsuri says that the zeal that comes to work has increased. Chamsuri says that she is undergoing a transplant twice a week in preparation for the transplant. Chamsuri, who has received immense love from the audience’s family, says that after two months, she received a kidney from a member of her family. Chamsuri, who received immense love from the audience’s family, tells that after two months, she received a kidney from a member of her family. She says that she feels sick when her blood pressure is high and low when she has been diagnosed, and at other times she feels like a good person.

At first, she felt like she was going to die, but she has many problems with her health, but now she is gradually getting better and feels like she is not going to die now. She says that the love she received from the audience saved her when she was sick. Chamsuri, who will appear in the upcoming episode, was honored by everyone in the serial by giving them bunches of flowers. Chamsuri, who received a kidney from her family member, says that she is going to complete the government process. Chamsuri says that she got good support from doctors and nurses in the hospital as well. Chamsuri says that she got good support from doctors and nurses in the hospital as well. After it came out that she was sick, 2-3 thousand people came to the hospital saying that we will give them kidneys without money, she told that she was pregnant. After getting sick, Chamsuri Darsak, who knew Media, says that she thinks love saves a lot.




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