Even in Bhairahawa, the huge assembly of RPP

Rastriya Prajanantra Party president Rajendra Lingden, in a door-to-door meeting with the people of Bhairahawa, said that he had come from village to village to end the status quo in the country, without any acts of violence, and to support the RPP. . He said that there is no party that wants to stay in the post for one year after getting the post once, give it another chance.

He said that the party should not hand over office to anyone more than once or twice in the state, adding that it is a party that should do what it has to do from the beginning. He is of the opinion that the tendency of begging should be stopped. Addressing the general assembly, he said that as a man who has risen from the ground, if this country is to be built, protected and nurtured today, it is necessary for the Nepali people to sever ties with the Nepali Congress, Maoists and UML and stand on the side of the people. He has given information.

“As much as the leaders are to blame for ruining this country, so are the people who are going to vote,” Lingden said. Changing the leadership in Nepali politics, having been the party president for many years but the work is not very popular among the people, the young generation should lead the country, play an important role in the development and change of the country, leader Tajendra Lingden’s views are winning the hearts of Nepali people. Is gone

Rajendra Lingden said that Maoists, Congress and UML are not different parties. Lingden said all parties were equally responsible for bringing the country to this state. According to Lingden, both the country and religion are in crisis because of those who do politics for themselves in the country. Leaders and political parties have said that although they look different from the outside, when they look from the inside, they all eat together.

According to Lingden, working against the will of the people, they did this from outside, they did that from the inside, everyone ate together. He said that the Rastriya Prajatantra Party is achieving its historic success after Mahadibesan and will move forward by respecting it. Lingden said that since voting is more important than giving birth to a daughter, he has repeatedly asked to vote, remembering his past and imagining the future.

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