Even when the price of petrol reaches 121, the corporation suffers a loss

The price of petrol, which was Rs 104 in July last year, has now gone up to Rs 121. In the current financial year alone, the Nepal Oil Corporation has increased the price of petrol 11 times. In 13 price adjustments, the price of petrol was increased 11 times from 104 to 121. Last year, the price of a liter of diesel was Rs 90, but now it has gone up to Rs 104. Even that oil cooperation said that they are at loss.

According to the new price, petrol has now reached Rs 120 per liter. Similarly, diesel and kerosene prices have also been increased by Rs 2 per liter. According to the new price, diesel and kerosene have reached Rs 104 per liter.

The retail price of cooking LP gas and aviation fuel has been kept unchanged, said Binit Mani Upadhyaya, spokesperson of the corporation. The price was last adjusted according to the price sent by the Indian Oil Corporation . It is said that the corporation will incur a monthly loss of Rs 1.9 billion if the price is not adjusted.

According to the corporation, after the price adjustment, there will be a loss of Rs 7.39 per liter on petrol, Rs 9.94 per liter on diesel and Rs 418.47 per liter on cooking LP gas.

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