Everyone laughed at ritu tamang and Arjun khadka dohori

On the program Indreni, aired on Himalaya Television, folk singers Ritu Tamang and Arjun Khadka have played a duet in today’s  series. And Ritu has been having fun between them. Less than a year after their first marriage, this Dohari, who had managed to get another girl, made the audience laugh. This song, who sang that it is not good to have a second marriage, also carries social harmony. People choose tomorrow when they are bad. People choose someone else when they are sick. Learn to love the one who is at home, to put an end to the habit of blinding others, this song has taught.

Yash Dohari has shown the real thing in the society by repeating in the song “You will kill me, you will not look at me with wide eyes”. They are saying that she will not marry another’s husband. Nowadays, everyone is the father of a child, so instead of marrying with care, she will marry a boy, she said, this is my bodyguard. The Chhantyal family in Japan has donated Rs. 111,111 to set up their own studio for the Indreni program. Not only that, they have also contributed to the saving of Jewish lives of the people.

The Indreni program is a program that continues its journey to preserve the culture and traditions. The Indreni program that has been awakening the people has become like a temple. Being a charismatic charioteer, he is a great person to help the poor by reaching the homes of the poor. He has treated thousands of untreated people, and has prophesied the future of millions.

The Indreni program is constantly advancing its journey to protect the nation and nationality. Working day and night, Cadell’s team is always at the service of the people. Kadel is now believed by people to be blindfolded, trying to instill culture in society by creating conversations as people want him to be. He is considered as a living God. He is considered as a great personality of Nepali society. Thousands of people have been treated with cotton, bamboo and cotton, not to mention suffering, they are constantly becoming the voice of the victims.

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