Exclusive: Keki and Rima tell the story of their wedding when they first met with their husband

Actress Keki Adhikari and Rima Vishwakarma, who have made a name for themselves in the Nepali film industry, are going out for special work for the third season of My Nitya Cup International and the second season of My Voice Cup, said Rima.  For the first time since their marriage, Keki, who was seen at the airport with her husband, is about to leave for America with Rima.  Keki says that after marriage, she is different from her friend at work, she doesn’t feel well and lives like before.

Keki shared the wedding photos for her friends, and she said that she would live in my life for the audience and work according to their thoughts and choices.  She said that she could not say thank you to anyone, but after returning, she said that she would keep the program and thank him.  In addition to announcing a good program, Rima, who has won the hearts of audiences in the field of movie music videos, said that she is going to America for her work.  She said that despite all the joys and sorrows in her life, she has gone abroad and has a lot of love for her country and its citizens.

Except for 3 photos of the wedding, he has not made it public. He shared the grief of the audience on his social network. I am always happy for the inspiration of love.  She has written saying.  Only members of the couple’s family were present at the wedding, and their whereabouts were kept secret.  She entered the field of acting through a regular competition in the field of cinema.  Actress Keki Adhikari, who has made a name for herself in the Nepali film industry and in music videos, is set to tie the knot with secret businessman Rohit Tiwari.

Rohit is a businessman who runs his own business without being involved in his ancestral business. Although Rohit, 30, is an electronic engineer by profession, he has run various businesses.  He is currently the CEO of Gamro Bazaar and the founding CEO of Foot Mario.  While studying, Rohit says that even though he started a food supply business, that business was not successful.  Rohit, who started his solar business during load shedding in Nepal, also started a goat farming business at the same time.  Rohit, who also sells goats online, says his business has quadrupled since Kulman Ghising ended load shedding, which he called Kulman Habit.  After that, Rohit started the work by deciding to sell clean air making machine in every house in Kathmandu to make the atmosphere of Kathmandu clean.

When the work started, he realized that the people of Kathmandu did not need clean air.  Growing up with a variety of businesses, he saw that it was not profitable, so he started FoodMario, which used to supply food to people’s homes and kitchens.  Since Keki was also interested in business, she studied management. Keki, who was involved in the film industry, did not get much market when she made her first film, but Dosto is preparing to make a film.  Keki, who started acting in vocal films, has acted in many movie music videos.

At the beginning of the year, Keki, who was honored with the Janasewa Shree Puraskar, was bound to get married.  Struggling in the field of Nepali art, using her tongue in a different way, the heroine came and talked about marriage.  In the field of Nepali art, Keki says that new talents should be encouraged.  In a recent interview, Keki said that she believes in marriage very much, if she finds the right person, the right person, the right person to help her fulfill her dreams, she will tie the knot at the right time.

She said that her family will not be affected if she understands her feelings, helps her family in every journey, and even if she gets married, it will not affect her future.  She said that some time ago, Pukta Keki Adhikari had cut her hair for acting in a movie.  After the news came out that she had cut her hair for the shooting of a movie, she said that she missed a lot of projects


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