Exclusive News Rachna Rimal stage show ?

It has been stated that there was a lot of fun in the 4th Gulmi Festival which was a solo performance of Rachna Rimal yesterday. The song “When to meet, when to break up, in Maya Pirim” was very popular. Along with the song, the voice of the singer was equally appreciated. He was offered to sing one song after another.

On the first day of the new year 2079, i.e. the seventh day of the 4th Gulmi Festival, 17,192 spectators have observed the festival on Thursday. Ishwori Prasad Poudel, president of Gulmi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that the number of spectators entering the festival by buying tickets was the highest among the festivals held in Gulmi district.

While watching the song, it was getting dark but the audience stayed up late in the evening to enjoy their performances. There were also performances by other famous artists. In the end, Sharma and Pariyar even presented a rehearsal. The festival, organized by Gulmi Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the slogan ‘Development of trade based on education, health, agriculture and tourism is the way out of prosperity and prosperity of Gulmi district’, will continue till April 15.

She says: ‘I returned to Kathmandu from the festival last evening. I recorded a song last evening. Today, I have finished recording two songs, ‘said Rachna in a meeting a few days ago, despite the busy diary. I am giving a musical performance in English New Year’s Day in Darjeeling. After that, there is a regular schedule of fairs and festivals till the end of December.

Many districts have also talked about the festival for Magh. ‘She has already reached Darjeeling for a musical performance. She says that she loves her song on stage as much as she loves her song. When she goes to the stage show, she meets many fans, some of them take photos saying that they have come from far and wide. Some bring different gifts.

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