Facebook came under the control of Election Commission

The program “Sidhakura” broadcasted every evening on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from Galaxy 4k television is a simple program to find solutions to people’s concerns and complaints. In today’s Sidhakura, chemicals from the industry that harm human health have been sent directly into the river, but the issue of Bara and Parsa, which is being celebrated by the locals, has been raised.

In Chitwan, it is shown that Subba, who became a hostage in the hospital after not paying the hospital fees, returned home. The Election Commission has taken over Facebook to prevent election campaigning from social networks. Facebook, a social app owned by Beta Company, which is being used by many people, has deactivated the group MRR, which is now being used by many people. It is assumed that the community group may have been made inactive because it was made easier during the election.

It is said that the Facebook MRR group may have been closed due to the fact that political activities were used to spread propaganda in the run-up to the election.The management said that the review was requested to make the group active. Until the 109th episode of Siddha Kura, the program presenter Rabi Lamichhane will continue to find solutions to the public’s concerns and complaints. Saying that he will hand over the leadership of Siddha Kura for 5.5 years to the new generation, he gave the lead to Yubraj Kadel, who has been giving voice from behind the screen, to broadcast regularly from episode 110.

Yubaraj said that he will continue to raise his voice for the sake of people’s happiness and to raise the voice of voiceless people. Thanking the people in the country and abroad who have supported him with encouragement and inspiration till today, Yubaraj made a commitment that he will continue to grow even higher in the days to come. stated.

Entering the field of Nepali journalism, he continued his journey by imbibing the spirit and rules of the journalist, even though he is seen as a new generation in politics, he never forgets the sufferings and problems of the people and hopes that he will continue to move forward to solve their problems. By saying, Rabi Lamichhane took leave of the television by giving the new leadership to Yubraj Kadel, who was supporting him by giving voice from behind the curtain. Not only did he address the problems of the people, but he started to solve the problems of the people himself from home and abroad. Rabi, who wants the slums of the poor, started looking for people’s problems rather than money.

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