Fake leader’s fraudulent business exposed. Life is in danger.

Where is the social situation of the country? The brotherhood between the brothers is also disappearing. There is no such thing as social feeling. The belief in one another is disappearing. People are so engrossed in money that they do not understand each other’s feelings.  People are the guardians of their responsibilities. The bad deeds of some people have no place to trust even the good people.  In this way, one can keep one’s family happy by bringing tears in the eyes of other people’s family from such fraudulent business. Such incidents have made it difficult for the common man to make a living.
When trying to expose those who are declining in the society day by day, the victims feel that they are in danger.  There is a kind of terror in the society when looting and immoral activities are going on. There is a time when one cannot believe even one’s own relatives.  People have recently seen the stench of fraudulent corruption in the food they eat.
Social change is being perpetrated on the people by the parties that have been opened for the benefit of the people and the country. A kind of confusion is being created among the people and they are being hurt. The people cannot even trust each other.  Trapped in a false trap, there are big people who run small businesses. They make people believe that we are the same people.  They are sucking the blood of the common people and advancing their journey.
Khem Bahadur Basyal (Uttam), a self-proclaimed leader of the Janata Samajwadi Party, has been widely accused of cheating people wherever he has gone.  He asked for 400 fighters for the Qatari police and 300 for 100 more from the government.  And the people have been deceived into sending the remaining 35 abroad. The general public has been deceived in every step they take.
He has been having a good relationship with one person for about 6 months and has been taking money from him. Thus, people are found to have been cheated through various means.  He has given money checks. He has disturbed the dual operator. All the people he has met are looking for him. He is running his life by cheating people in this way.  He has no fear and no faith. The common man is suffering because of what he has done. When the people are suffering, there is no one to help him with his problems

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