Fake marriage for 25 million, wife killed her own husband

Even though marriage is considered as a sacred relationship in Nepali society, nowadays people interfere in marriage even for their limited selfishness and after fulfilling their selfishness, they tend to break up the relationship. With such different interests of some people, the means of trusting each other are also disappearing. In Kohalpur, a 21-year-old surgeon is said to have been taken to load sand and hit by a vehicle.

Top Bahadur Rana Ksheti, the driver of the vehicle accident, is also punished, the driver is acquitted after being punished for the accident. Later, the insurance company brought out the suspicious matter, it came to light that there was an insurance policy of 25 million in the name of the deceased person. The money coming from his name was taken by his wife Sapna Malla. It is suspected that the reinsurance company got married and died in a short period of time, and how people who are not in good financial condition were insured in such a large amount.

After the investigation started by Reliance Life Insurance, Sanjib opened the account of both husband and wife in Kamna Bikas Bank, it is starting to look more suspicious. When life insurance is opened for two people, if the name of Sapna is placed on the person desired by the surgeon without marriage, it starts to look more dangerous. After paying the first insurance installment, her marriage was registered, after one month after the marriage, the surgeon died due to an accident, her insurance fee was paid.

It is found that Sapna Malla met the surgeon only once and did not have a good relationship with him till now. They met only on the day of marriage registration, they have already made a special plan and made a plan to reduce accidents and become rich by taking people’s lives. Even with the finding of Burma Karta, the motorcycle that caused the accident, it seems that more doubts have arisen. It seems that people including Sanjib Aryal, who is the employer of the creator, have increased the amount received.

As soon as the insurance amount was received, more than 80 lakhs went into the account of Sanjib Aryal, 60 lakhs in the name of another person Deepak Kesi, more than 17 lakhs in the name of Chibi Kumati Khatri and more than 96 lakhs in the account of Sapna Malla. . 6 lakhs seems to be spent on others, and when it appears that the money has been squandered wrongly, when CIB investigates and takes initiatives to bring out the truth of the incident, the reality is outside. According to the previous plan, 6 people have killed the initiator BK and CIB has revealed that there is a big money game.

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