Fake progressive is good or real traditionalist? Minendra Rijal, Prime Time with Vijay Kumar

The Prime Minister will be appearing on Galaxy 4k television every night from 9 pm onwards with famous journalist and television presenter Bijay Kumar Pandey.  Bijay Kumar, who has been embracing journalism for a long time, has gained a lot of experience from home and abroad.  When a person starts pointing out his weaknesses in a positive direction, then a new vigor is added to him.  This program has come into operation with the energy to move forward with the energy of closing.

He said that he had learned a lot from Lena, the world-renowned producer of the French television station YLE, who introduced Bijaya Kumar on television and showed him the way.  The novelty is also being learned. The program, which is aired weekly on galaxy 4k television every Monday at 9 pm, is said to be made available to two generations of people to watch.  The purpose of the game is to bring the program into operation.

Amidst the current complexities of history education, the program has been designed to show the vivid picture of the changing Nepal by exploring the gore of the future.  The program was launched on the occasion of 100 days of live television broadcasts. Bijay said that the program was launched to create a new atmosphere by making full use of the skills learned from the country and abroad during his lifetime.  He said that he had a lot of fear in his mind, but when he spoke, he heard a loud noise.

According to Bijay Kumar, there will be different types of programs in each day. Each program will also give a positive message.  In the first segment, there will be a discussion of ideas, while in the second segment, Dr. Milendra Rijal will come up with 12 episodes every week.   has been told to make it. Since it is for commentary in many programs that have come on television, he has said that he will run the program in subject  which no one has touched.

We have said that our program is to build a positive society by eliminating the work of promoting people from bourgeoisie. We have said that if real work is done then society will change.  In the second sequel of the program, Bijay Kumar talks with Bijay Kumar about the current state of affairs in the country and where the society is heading.  He has said that he will move forward. His aim is to show the real tradition without showing the fake progress in the society. At present, he has tried to paint a real picture of the country.

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