False news spread about Voice of Nepal coach Pramod Kharel

News that singer Pramod Kharel was seriously injured in the accident is now going viral on social media. Some unnamed media have written such misleading news and given a bad message to the relatives and fans of singer Pramod Kharel.

Meanwhile, Pramod has also spoken on the issue on his Facebook Live. He said that such news may increase the views of your news portal but my well-wishers and relatives are saddened and asked not to disseminate such news these days. He also spoke about the Voice of Nepal in live video.

He said on social media that he was not involved in any accident and that he had been involved in a serious accident. I am very well and I have no accident.
He has written before, please do not abuse social media in the name of news. Thank you to everyone who is interested in hearing the wrong news and I request you to understand that this is bad news.

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