famous Bhutanese heroine was taught bad words by Upasna

In the field of Nepali art, achieving success with one project after another, artists Dayahang Rai, Kauli Budhi, Upsana, and Bhutanese actress Ugen Choden, who are in the hearts of the audience, have come to the media and talked about movies and contemporary life.  Dayahang said that since the movie is made with Nepali language culture, art tradition, and comedy, the movie tries to give a new way.  He said that the movie is trying to give a positive message and it will inspire people.

The production team has said that they are sure that the audience will like the movie “Dui Nambari” which is made with famous actors in important roles.  Language, religion, culture, and caste do not stop the art field. Ugyen Choden, an actress born in Bhutan, came to Nepal and made a music video with Paul Sah. She said that he is a very good person.  She said that it takes a lot of love, and when someone you know goes to jail, you feel sad.

Choden, who came to Nepal for two movies before the lockdown, returned to her native place after the lockdown, came to Nepal after the Corona disaster, she is showing priority in her work.  She said that since there was nothing to do during the lockdown, she had gained 10 kg more than before by eating at home.  She says that even though she lives in Bhutan, she loves the Nepali language and culture, so Nepal is in the blackness zone.

Choden said that her Nepali language is improving more than before, she came to Nepal two years ago to work, and she said that she came some time ago to complete the remaining work.  Choden, who has been talking to herself during the lockdown, says that even if she makes a small mistake in the beginning, it is difficult for her to work, and later it becomes easier for her to do any work.  Choden said that since she is not so close to other actors and works with Dayahang Rai because she has seen the movies he has acted in, his acting is natural, and because she works by understanding other actors, she thinks Kalakar Rai is the best.

She said that she thought that it would be better if she was given the completion of the first project in Nepal since it was also stopped in the middle.  Choden has said that the people of Bhutan are also happy because Nepali movies are made in Nepali language.  Known as the king of music videos in Nepal, she has already worked with Paul Sah on two music videos.  She said that she ate.

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