Famous singer Bunu Upreti beaten up

Singer Bunu Upreti, who is enjoying the field of Nepali songs and music, has been beaten up, which seems to have a negative impact on society.  When one person beats another person badly, it has a negative effect on society.  Bunu said that when Dasai Tihar was approaching, she was attacked when she was moving pots around for cleaning.

Nowadays, even small incidents are widely discussed on social media.  Bunu said that society used to cut off a woman’s leg when she was about to move forward.  She said that society could not see that mother and daughter are fighting together with society and taking their steps forward, in search of a bright future for tomorrow.
She said that not only today, but they have also attacked her many times and it has started affecting her health. She has told us that people who have nothing and show respect to us have been saying various things since before.  Three or four of them got together and beat themselves badly.  Bunu said that when the road was first built, they used to abuse her because of the land and her profession.
  She has said that even though she reconciled earlier, the incident continues to happen, so now she will seek a legal treatment.  He said that the people from the other side first beat them and then they only kept the video of us beating them to make a fight.  She has said that it is her habit to not fit in with society and make others guilty in a unique way in the media.

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