Famous singer Ram Krishna Dhakal donates Rs. 1.8 million to Mahavir Pun Invention Center

Singer Ram Krishna Dhakal has donated around Rs 1.8 million collected from various people to the Mahavir Pun-led National Innovation Center.

He informed that 15288 US dollars (about 1.8 million Nepali rupees) of the first phase collected in the United States has been deposited in the account number 01906322060017 of Himalaya Bank in the name of Mahavir Pun’s National Innovation Center.

He informed that the money collected while calling for help from Nepalis living in the United States was given to the Innovation Center with the objective of how to help their country Nepal and the general public when they are suffering from coronavirus infection. He has also personally contributed 500 US dollars.

Through the social network Facebook, he has made public the names of the donors and the details of the amount received. He also said that he has received assurances of support from others.

Singer Dhakal says that if the amount is received, it will be given to the organization working in the social sector of Nepal. Singer Dhakal said that he has raised money by calling for help with the aim of applying ointment to Nepalis suffering from coronavirus infection. He expressed his gratitude to all those who helped him.

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