Famous singers Sarmila Gurung and Sila Aleko in Dohori area

Sarmila Gurung and Sila Ale are the most heard voices in Nepali folklore at one time. Due to their melodious voices, these two singers were very much liked by the Nepali listeners. But over the past few years, these two singers have escaped from Nepali rehearsals. Somewhere, the voice of these repetitive singers can be heard. With the rise of the new generation of double singers, the old creators have fled. For a while, the pair of Sarmila and Sila, who specialize in repetitive gowns as complements to each other, were liked by many. Sila Ale had left Nepal and fled to the United States. Due to which, she could not continue in the double field. Also, singer Sarmila Gurung has not given much continuity to the double field. In today’s series, a joint conversation with Sila Ale and Sarmila Gurung is presented.

It has been many years since Sila moved to the United States. She is going to come and go to Nepal, but this time she is staying in Nepal. Since she started working in Nepal from the time she came to Nepal, she has not been able to enjoy the reality of Nepal. A few years before Sila’s rehearsal, Sarmila had entered the field of rehearsal singing. Also, Sarmila is ahead of the song album.

Silla, who has been interested in music since childhood, has not given up her interest in the United States. Not long ago, Sila Ale and Raju Pariyar sang a live rehearsal in Indreni. She says that at one time Sila and Raju were very close friends. She even said that Raju and she used to sing together in the evenings. She also said that she used to sing and win in any competition with Raju. He says that he will still sing live until the time comes.

While other artists were busy with live rehearsals, Sarmila was busy recording songs in the studio. Sila and Raju as well as other artists used to sing live rehearsals in the song sung by Sarmila. Sarmila, who gained fame in the popular arena, is still unmarried.

Sila has the experience of getting immense love from the audience while singing live in different places of Nepal. She says that she is still getting that love. While singing in Nepal, she experienced the importance of love and song. But when it comes to foreign lands, it is even more important. She said that while living in another country, one would know the importance of Nepali rituals, culture and music. Nowadays, Sila has decided to stay in Nepal and do something in the field of Lok Dohori.

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