Fanfani Episode 29 || May -01 – 2021

Based on rural lifestyle and lower-middle-class people, the series represents social issues on its episodes with educational . The show publish at 8: PM on FANFANI YouTube Channel. THE MAIN CHARECTOR ARE SUSHIL POKHAREL | BEGAM NEPAL| DILIP TAMANG| RASMI BHATTA | DHANIRAM MUSKAN | MANRAJ SHRESTHA | DIVYA SENDHAI | KABYA KARKI | NIRAJ NEPAL .

Fanfani is a Nepali TV series. This series is based on lower middle-class people and the rural lifestyle of theis. This series evoked the social issues with an educational motto to the Nepalese. The show “Fanfani” is presented at 8:00 pm on their official You Tube channel “Fanfani TV”. The director of the show is Manraj Shreshtha. The producer of the show is Nahakul Bhattarai. The script writer of the show is Dilip Tamang and Manraj Shreshtha. The cameraman of the show is looked by Dilip Bista. The editor of the show is Bibee Limbu. The background score is provided by Thiraj Rai and Bheshu Magar. The makeup artist of the show is Paru.

This show is full package of entertainment plus education. It shows how the Nepali energetic youths are bounded to leave the birth place Nepal because of lack of opportunity inside the country. Though they have a lot of will, to live inside the country but they cannot sacrifice their dream to earn a lot money and make their family happy.

Similarly, the main character of the show includes Begam Nepal, Sushil Pokharel, Dilip Tamang, Rasmi Bhatta, Manraj Shreshtha, Divya Sedhai, Niraj Nepal, Dhaniram Muskan, Rasmi Bhatta, Dilip Tamang, Kabya Karki, and many more. The whole story is based on the people of the rural areas where the peoples are deprived from simple basic needs like- food, education, health, shelter, job opportunities and so on. Many social issues relating with their village are shown in this series with the help of different actor and actress. The artists are playing very impressive characters inside the show. The show is really entertaining with a lot of important messages carrying inside it.

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