Fatal attack on Abdus’ team in Gorkha

Shortly after the attack on Rabi Lamichhane’s team in Chitwan by the coalition workers, Abdus Mia’s team was also attacked in Gorkha. A group of the alliance attacked the team of Abdus Mia who was eating on the mango resort of Palungtar where Abdus was living. A beer bottle was also thrown at Mia’s assistant.

During the incident, Abdus was campaigning for the election, but his team was attacked and the hotel was vandalized. After the injury on the UML leader, 7 stitches were applied to the local health institution. Ram Sapkota and Ajit Pant, who was involved in the incident, have been arrested, while the other three are absconding. He said that he threatened the people involved in Abdul’s campaign to save their lives saying that he was a member of YCL.

It has been shown that the leader and activists of the alliance ransacked the car of Rabi Lamichhane, the chairman of the Rashtriya Swatantra Party, who is contesting the election from Chitwan. Rabi said that he was insecure when people who were campaigning by eating noodles from his pocket attacked him by eating alcohol, meat, and rice from the alliance, but he was allowed to campaign with police protection.

29 Barsia Abdusmia, who became the youngest candidate of the country from CPN UML, joined the common party at the age of 23, but when he said that he would give an independent candidate from Kathmandu in the representative and provincial assembly elections to be held on 4th of November, UML entered the last stage of the election from Gorkha. Has become a candidate. Many have questioned whether he was made a scapegoat in Gorkha, which is known to be a good stronghold of Maoists. He said that since he was only a young man who wanted to fight with Prachanda, he was sent from Gorkha to contest the election.

Abdusmia has said that he has given his candidacy because he will vote to know that the future of his children will be secured rather than who the people voted for. Chairman of Nepal Communist Party Maoist Center and former Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) has registered his candidacy from the constituency of former Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai. Prachanda has said that the view of modern Nepal is also good and it is important for him to prepare for the people’s war by keeping his headquarters from here. Prachanda had said that he was going to contest the elections from Rolpa, Kathmandu, Sirha in Madesh, Chitwan, and now from Gorkha.

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