Federalism, secularism cursed Nepal, Congress should seek leadership to reconsider

Anarchy has appeared in Nepali politics. Politics has turned into personal interest. Former Chief Minister Taranath Ranabhat has said that the new government formed with the slogan of Singh Durbar in every village is like taking money from the people and spending it from village to village. He said that the system was not to blame for such activities seen in politics. However, he said that the system was deteriorating due to the intentions of the person operating the system. They are the ones who assassinate the government by force of arms or form the government by representing the people’s vote. Such anarchy is seen when these people are not able to provide services to the people according to the system.

The then government is in a liquid state. The reason for considering democracy as the best is that the governance of the state is manipulated by the will of the people. Therefore, the complement of democracy is democracy itself, says former Speaker Ranabhat. The parties go before the people with different habits to compete with the people, various programs for development. There are Nepali Congress, CPN-Maoist, CPN-UML and other democratic parties. Everyone goes to the people with some or the other issue. But in any case, the place where these parties serve is Nepal and the service should be given to the Nepali people. According to Ranabhat, the people are the ones who are destined to stay in power. The practice of remembering the people only during elections, speaking sweetly and not addressing any voice of the people after coming to power has been going on in Nepal not only now but already.

After the restoration of democracy, the king also seemed to have some hope. He said that the monarchy came to an end due to the ambition to run the government directly but not to have any qualities in the king. With this came the day when the people themselves had to bear the responsibility of the people. This does not mean that 30 million people are responsible. Some of the representatives elected by the people will represent the people. That representative will also be selected on the basis of competition, honesty, personality and sense of duty. “There are parties who have promised the people that they will carry out the responsibilities of the country, but they have acted contrary to their responsibilities and duties,” he said.

There are constitutions, rules and laws made by the people. The political court is the people to accommodate all these. Unfortunately for us, we started making the judiciary a political bag. Even the Prime Minister has started doing what the court would have done. This is against global values. The practice of electing judges has started with political motives. Due to this, they have not been able to get fair justice from the court.

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