Fight in Bharatpur, Jagannath started fighting to do whatever he could

Jagarnnath Poudel, an independent candidate in the Bharatpur Municipal Corporation, said that Prachanda and Renu were happy to reach their home district and cast their votes and that they were confident that the alliance would win.  The coalition said in a statement that the media had made a mistake in filming the incident and that the camera had been blown up.  Ren Dahal, a citizen of Bharatpur Metropolitan City, said that she is confident of victory after evaluating the work done by her.  Prachanda said that he did not say that there would be an accident if there was no voting in Hasiya Hatauda and that the alliance should be won for the development of Bharatpur.

He said that he had gone to the people as an independent candidate as the people of Chitwan metropolis were of the view that the Congress should take the lead.  Poudel has said that the votes of UML, Congress and Maoists will come to him as he has gone as per the orders of the people.  Independent candidate Jagarnnath Poudel and UML candidate Debi Gyawali are very popular in Bharatpur.  Poudel said that he did not take independent candidature to win or lose and that he took independent candidature to win according to the mood of the people.  He said that he had given his candidature to fulfill the aspirations of the people even when he reached the center with the spirit of Chitwan Basi.

He said that the people who sat for the ticket yesterday as party members, even when they came as polling officials, have no place to worry about it.  In fact, they have stated that they are not feeling well.  Debi Gyawali said that in the midst of all these obstacles, she is sure that she will win the election, so she will not be scared.

Debi Gyawali was the UML candidate for mayor in the local elections, while her rival was Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda’s daughter Renu Dahal from the UCPN (Maoist).  Debi said that the victory of the UML would be ensured after the independent candidates from the parties in the alliance formed yesterday and a large part of the Congress split.  He said that he was stronger than the situation he was in five years ago.

He said that the work done by Jurgnath ji by the UML leaders was very good and they were benefiting him a lot.  He said that people including Prachanda ji have been working to spread confusion among the people by telling lies as they are very saddened after the independent candidate came.  He said that Debi was trying to win the election by using various tricks as she could not even imagine winning her daughter by staying in herself and her organization.  Prachanda, who went to the polls with his help, said it was difficult for him to win the election now that a large part of him had joined the insurgency.

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