Fighting for the post of the mayor with the degree in three subjects, she says she will not leave those who do corruption.

In the forthcoming local elections on 30th of Baishakh, a special debate has been held with Rajni Thapa, the youngest mayoral candidate of Nepal, about the allegations leveled against him and what are the objectives for the future.  Thapa, who is running for mayor of Tokha municipality from the Nepali Congress, was accused by the UML of stealing its agenda.

She said that the youth should play an important role for the transformation of the society by getting a degree in three years. She has been constantly struggling in the journey of social change from social service.  “People have a vital role to play in transforming the society,” she said.  She said that Tokha municipality will play an important role for the minds of beautiful Nepal and beautiful Nepalis.

From the time a person wakes up in the morning to the time he goes to bed at night, the fulfillment of various aspects is the development of overall harmony.  There are various kinds of suffering and stress in the lives of people in Nepal, which the local level has an important role to play in resolving.  He said that the peak of success would be chosen if any person took the lead with vision and consultation of the entire society.  He said that the role we have to play for the development of the country should be fulfilled by all citizens from all walks of life.

Thapa, who has been holding the general post of Tokha municipality, says that she has continued her journey in various fields, learning small things and she is ready to lead the municipality.  According to Thapa, she has dreamed of changing the society, the state and the country through village tolls in order to serve the country and its citizens.  “The development of the country is not called development, it is the development of the country,” he said.  “We have to play an important role in the overall development of the society,” she said.

Since hungry stomachs don’t think much, they need food to fill their stomachs.  “It is not good to invest in external things without fulfilling the basic needs of the people,” she said.  Since human beings need a variety of facts to change their lives, they are said to play an important role in it.  As Tokha municipality is a rich municipality in many areas, they should take advantage of it by making good use of it in a scientific way, she said.  He said that although he lost the election by 51 votes while contesting for the post of deputy mayor, he has won the hearts of the people and now he is winning the election by the votes of the people.


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