Film director Chhabi Ojha is against her wife Shilpa Pokharel

Chabi ojha also known by Chhabi Raj Ojha/ Chhabi Baa is a very renown film producer, director and distributor. He was born in Dharan district in 1964 and has spent most of his childhood in that beautiful city. After completing the SLC from Public school of Dharan, he joined the college located in Dharan for I. Com degree. He was passionate about the film industry since his childhood period. In 1985, in the collaboration of his friend Kuber Sharma he had launched a film named Dhan Laxmi Films.

After having short experience in Dharan, Ojha moved to Kathmandu to pursue his career in the film industry in a serious way. He is an ex-husband of our popular Nepali movie star Rekha Thapa. Ojha has directed and produced numerous amounts of commercially successful and critically acclaimed movies. Chabbi Raj has 4 ex-wives till the date. They are actress Gitanjali Sunwar, actress Rekha Thapa and actress Shilpa Pokharel. Ojha married for the 4th time with the much younger Nepali actress Shilpa Pokharel. Chhabi had brought and established Shilpa Pokharel in the Nepali film industry.

They had only revealed publicity of their affairs continuously, which add the promotion of their films. Though, they want to hide their marriage from the medias, the marriage of actress Shilpa and director Chhabi was revealed in July, 2019. But Ojha 4th marriage also does not last for a long period of time. 1 year ago, in the month pf July 2019, actress Shilpa pokharel, wife of Chhabi Ojha made police complain against her husband Chhabi Ojha for domestic violence and a multiple physical assault. She said that her husband had beaten her so hard that she was suffering from hearing impairment because of that pain. Though Ojha want to came in agreement with his wife Shilpa, but she did not want to listen his any and case the divorce file in the court of Katmandu.

At that period, the divorce case of Shilpa and Ojha had been a hotspot in a social media. But nowadays, the case has again come into limelight and according to Ojha Shilpa had made stop to his all property by casing the file in the court asking for” mana chamal” as well. Nowdays, Ojha has no source of income and have to borrow money from his friends and relatives for the survival.

But in the interview, time to time shilpa said that she had no interest in the property of Chhabi and her family is rich enough and had a chemical factory which is running by her father and later has to be looked by her. If the matter is so, then the question raises here about the litigation about the “mana chamal varpai paau”. This litigation against Ojha clearly shows that Shilpa has eye upon the property of Chhabi so she had case the divorce file in the court. Hope for the good agreement between them in the near future.

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