Financial support to Corona infected on the occasion of Rabbi Lamichhane and Nikita’s marriage

Journalist Rabbi Lamichhane has been distributing free oxygen to the corona infected. After the
shortage of oxygen in the hospitals of Nepal, he has been distributing oxygen to the patients who
are suffering from lack of oxygen. Accordingly, Rabbi and his wife Nikita have paid for the
treatment of the patients undergoing corona treatment even on the day of their marriage

After the death of her father, who was the breadwinner of a family of six, only four daughters
performed the father’s ceremony. A daughter and mother also had difficulty in getting treatment
for corona infection while their father was working in Pashupati. The orphaned daughters were
in trouble after their father, who was earning money at home, left the world. But he was relieved
when a group of journalists, including Rabbi Lamichhane, arranged for him to be treated at a
hospital. Accordingly, on the day of their marriage anniversary, Mrs. Rabita’s wife Nikita has
reached the hospital saying that she will pay all the expenses required for the financial assistance
and treatment of the same patients.
When Corona was seen living in Kiria, the management committee of Pashupati told her to leave
the house saying that her daughter should not stay at home. The eldest daughter of the deceased
went to her friend’s room and stayed there. Miley’s daughter has left Kiria and is in the hospital
to take care of her mother. Miley’s daughter, who lives in the hospital, said she did not have the
money to pay for the treatment. In this case, the rabbi and his wife have stated that they will bear
all the expenses of treatment and food. He also said that the expenses incurred during the work
will be met.
Dry isolation has also been constructed in the hospital established by Rabi to accommodate the
sick Kuruva. The hospital will provide free food and medical treatment to the financially weak.
At present, 38 corona patients are being treated at the hospital. Those who want to check the
corona will also be given a free PCR test.
In addition, 12 ICUs are being prepared in the first phase. Although the structure of the hospital
has not been completed, the hospital, which has been providing treatment services to the patients,
is now nearing completion.
Necessary infrastructures are being mobilized in the hospital which is under construction. The
hospital was set up to treat Corona patients. Various hospitals in Nepal had issued public notices
admitting corona patients due to lack of oxygen. Many corona patients have lost their lives due
to lack of oxygen. Therefore, the hospital was built by Rabbi Lamichhane and his group

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