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‘VFY Talks’ (Voice for Youth) is a regular campaign set up by Live Nepal Pvt.Ltd. The main aim of this SHOW is youth motivation, awareness, and leadership development.

‘VFY Talks’ invites valuable guests from various sectors – national and international leaders, celebrities, experts, entrepreneurs, diplomats, heads of government(s), journalists, representatives of NGOs/INGOs, experts, and professors. The GUESTS share their ideas, experiences, thoughts and plans to motivate the YOUTHS – the Pillars of the nation.The YOUTHS representing from diverse sectors (Episode-wise) also participate, share their views and thoughts. We have planned to touch all the sectors (education, health, business, politics, tourism, agriculture, IT, science, diplomacy, etc.) at personal, social, national and
international levels. “Let’s Join Hands Together and Build the Nation in Our Time”.

Our Team-
Patron- Mahayanak Rajesh Hamal
Executive Producer- Surendra Pun
DOP-Sagar Pradhan
Camera-Shyangden,Aaish,Shyam Tamang
Sound Operator- Kulung
Production Head- Prince Bishwokarma
VFY talks Chief Editor- Durga Singh Rana
Brand Manager- Pushkar Raj Pandey/GB AGRI
Audio Mixing- Deep Tuladhar
Graphic & Photography- Keshav Adhikari
Program Producer, Direction, Concept, Editor – Dashrath Sunar
Special Thanks to- Rabi Oad || GB Agri || Subash Pradhan || Tara Ranjit Thapa
We miss you- Late Najir Husen sir.

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