First honor to pregnant Shweta and her child

Shweta Khadka, who was honored by attending the program organized by the Film Development Board of Kathmandu, did not talk about contemporary issues.  9 old and new actors of the film industry were honored in the program, the third edition was concluded on October 10th in a program, and all the actresses expressed their happiness while being honored.  She said that she was very happy to receive the first honor of Shweta and her unborn child.

Actress Khadka, who has succeeded in winning the hearts of many viewers by entering the Nepali film industry, has remained an exemplary heroine in the Kalakarita field.  Entering the field of Nepali blackness from a young age, she has continuously advanced her field of acting.  Khadka said that she was very happy to see the honor given to ten children as Navdurga Samman and that it will add new inspiration to the lives of many people.

Priyanka has said that respect is very important in life because respect will bring a new kind of feeling in a person’s life, and because of that, people will strengthen their steps and start making life meaningful.  She said that she was very happy to see the respect given to mothers.  Richa Sarma has said that the respect she got in life is not only for one person, but it gives a positive message to many people.  Manis has said that by making her journey simple and easy, she will add courage and motivation to move the upcoming journey on a positive path.  She said that life is a beautiful flower and to keep it decorated, respect is also necessary.

Shweta said that she was happy to be honored in the program on the occasion of Navadurga and happy to share with a person who has become a mother of two.  She said that she was very happy to meet the three actresses who have gained popularity among the audience from the Nepali film industry and the art field, to exchange the joys of life with each other.  She has said that she is very happy to return to her work field after having a child, and it will give her a different kind of motivation to move her life forward.

Shweta has said that after she has a child, she will return to work as soon as she gets used to being able to spend some time.  Priyanka has said that in order to give birth to a good child, a mother should always eat whatever she wants and never kill her heart.  Karki said that if the mother is happy in life, the child will also be happy.  She has said that if any action has the power to bring newness to people along with a love story, then they will not know that their time has passed.  She said that the mother plays an important role in raising the child, and she has to take special care of her health during that time.

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