First song of “Dohori Champion” Rita Raut has been recorded.

Rita Raut who is also Known as the Dohori Champion has recorded her first song . She dances in happiness at the studio when her first song has been recorded. The interview of Rita Raut and Sabin Acharya has been taken at Mala Shree studio.

Recently, these two artists had recorded a new song. It will be posted very soon in the Kamalsargam official youtube channel. Different kind -hearted Neaplese have supported financially for the recording of this song. 

In this video Rita and Sabin have shared their song recording experience. Rita says that she feels so good while doing the recording of a song. She has to take too many retakes because of her mistakes. Although a number of retakes had been taken, when she listens to the final recording she really feels good and likes the recorded song. She also says that live dohori is far easier than recording a song. 

Sabin too shares his experience of recording a song. Though it is not his first recording like Rita, the experience was too good for him. He really likes the melody and words of the song. The words touched his heart while he was recording the song in the studio. He along with Rita had tried their best to give justice to this song with their amazing voice.

Rita is from a poor family background and her family cannot afford a lot of money for her. Though she has had a passion for singing since her childhood, she cannot come to the capital city Kathmandu to fulfill her dreams. Neither she has enough money nor any strong support to take her to her destination. But there is one saying, “where there is will there is a way”. Different Nepalese become ready to support her financially because of her sweet voice. 

Before she had done a lot of Live dohori sessions and had won the title too but the recording of her voice is done for the first time in the Mala shree studio. She says that her mother and her elder sister have a more fabulous sound than her. She also says that her family calls her on the phone and gives a lot of blessings to her  for her good future. Her mother always blesses her to win the heart of many Nepalese and get a lot of name and fame in this field. 

Rita especially thanks Muna, Sabita and Krishna for making her dreams come true.  She is more motivated because of the love and support from different Nepalese fr.m the different corners of the world 

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