First Visit of Viral Chiawali house

The family of Shrishti, known as Chiawali, who went viral on social media. A video of her waking up at 3am in the morning carrying her young daughter on her back was made public. After the story of her struggle became public, the discussion about her life started. How struggle has become an inspiration to others??.

The story of Shrishti raising a young daughter and selling tea on the street in a place like Kathmandu is really inspiring. Her struggle for the future of her 2-year-old daughter is an example of the fact that one should not forget one duty in any difficult situation. Her struggle also shows that there should be honesty, not big or small work. Shrishti has no complaints against her cheating husband. Maiti is in a very remote place. Her elderly mother says she was happy to see her daughter struggle in the video. she said that she did not know that her nephew had betrayed him.. The elderly mother is still struggling. Her courage may have inspired her daughter Shrishti as well. Shrishti mother said that she watched her daughter video on YouTube being viral about her struggle life.

After seeing her daughter carrying tea in the morning carrying her granddaughter, the mother says, “Now we have to grieve, not only happiness but also grief in life.” The brother said that she had saved her sister video on his mobile phone. He also said that his mother cried when he showed the video to her. She says, now do the work of the state, life is like this, what to do? Her sister Sarah said it was the first time she had seen a video of her sister. At first she was surprised. She was happy, but she said she was sad to know that she had struggled so hard.

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