folk singer Sabin and his wife told the love story for the first time in the media

Sabin Acharya, who came into the limelight from the folk song championship, has come to the media for the first time along with his wife. The couple have talked openly about meeting their wife and getting married. The couple, who became acquainted on social network Facebook, have finally tied the knot for life. Sabin, who specializes in repetitive gowns, likes to listen to repetitive his wife figure. And then we got to talk about two people.

Sabin and Aakriti became acquainted after joining the social network Facebook. After Sabin asked her to make a tick in her song, the figure also made a tick and sent it to Sabin. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true conversation begins! On the day of Valentine’s Day 2076, Sabin was unhappy to see everyone’s couple. The next day, he sent a request to the three on Facebook. The other two did not respond well when asked if they were artists. But the figure was a slow exception. After that, Sabin himself started talking about the figure. Anyway, when she had to get married, Sabin thought of making the figure her own.

The couple is very happy with each other. Sabin’s Facebook ID figure runs itself. But Sabine’s ID doesn’t have that bad message, she says. Tick ​​tock, Facebook is used by exchanging with each other. But she says she never loses her temper. The song sung by Sabin and Rita is very popular. Most of the fans used to comment that Rita and Sabin should get married. But Rita says that she doesn’t feel bad because she knows him.

According to Sabin, since his field is repetitive singing, he wanted his wife to like repetitive singing as well. Sabin has chosen him because he likes repetition of the figure as well. Sabin says he is happy because he loves his wife Sozhi and his work. Sabin says it is difficult to turn the relationship between the East Sabin and the West figure into a marital bond. He said that it was difficult because he did not want to give a daughter to the people of the East. However, he said that the marriage with Aakriti was possible due to the support of the family. He plans to bring his wife back to the area in the coming days. But in the first priority, he said, he would give importance to the study of archeology. Aakriti is currently studying in her first year of graduation.

The figure was terrified when Sabine suddenly fell ill. He was taken to the hospital and found to have appendix. The doctor said that she was breathing a little after the operation. Funds for the treatment of Sabin also came from many places.

Sabin got married after walking 12 hours. They say that they are now happily married to each other from Biratnagar to Butwal.

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