Folk singers questions Government about oxygen.

Rishi dhamala, a popular journalist has been running the popular show “Dhamalako Hamalaa” since many years. In today’s episode, Dhamal is curled up after the government by saying that your mission and vision is to save the people who are suffering from corona. He is saying first of all we have to save the citizens of our country, only after we can win, you will win.

 In the today’s episode Dhamala and the invited entire teams are giving entertainment to the people who are being under the miserable condition because of the coronavirus. He is giving relief to the many Nepalese citizens, making an appeal to have patience and faith in god and also added up by saying their entire team are with the Nepalese. In this episode, our popular Folk singers Madhu and Tika pun are invited and a lot of meaningful and entertaining conversations are taken between them. Here, they are talking about their upcoming and ongoing songs, they also sing songs in this platform which is good enough to provide full entertainment to the Nepalese audiences. They are very thankful to their audiences for liking and loving their songs in a huge amount and because of this love and affection from their audiences they really feel so lucky and happy deep down in their heart. According to them, our culture and traditions are our identity and it is our right and responsibility to save them. 

Muna is talking about her past life and her divorce reason with her husband. She is saying that during her past days she had to tolerate a lot of pains from her husband and the life was being so difficult. So, at the end she got enforced to take divorce with her husband. Where in the other hand Tika is saying that by looking the overall concept of male dominated society she is afraid of marriage so she is still single but looking for a good positive thinking guy in a near future. Here, they are not talking about their songs, their life and their works. Apart from their career and their works they are also talking about the country and the pitiful condition we are facing today. They are making an appeal for the government to save the life of Nepalese people by looking at the  miserable conditions we Nepalese are facing during this pandemic period. 

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