For the first time in the media, Bisnu Majhi sister’s became emotional saying that Bisnu wont show her face even at home.

The most expensive singer in Nepali folk music is Bisnu Majhi, millions of viewers are heartbroken, no one sees her face, all are fans of her voice.  Between Palpa, he has a very deep connection.  Born in Syangja, his musical journey started from Palpa.

The songs sung by Bisnu Majhi live in the minds of people from children to old people. The songs sung by him touch the peak of discussion.  In the settlement within the Chapakot municipality of Syangja, a special debate has taken place about his life and journey of song music while staying with his uncle.  His elder brother Babu Ram used to live in the house where Bisnu Majhi used to live.

Bisnu’s great-grandmother Bijula ​​Majhi said that she was sad because she kept her face covered even when Bisnu came home.  Although Bijula ​​has not met Bisnu for 1.5 years now, she said that she used to play with Bisnu Majhi, but now she has not met him for a long time.  He said that despite living happily at home, they miss him a lot because they live very close to him.  She said that she got married after her fianc took the beautiful gem.

Although Bisnu covered her face, she said that she had seen her two sons.  Bijula, who ran away and got married to Magar, said that although they had stopped talking at home for a long time, they later became close.  She said that since the married man used to sing songs, she did not sing so much, she also wanted to sing songs.  She said that her sister has decided to travel here after struggling a lot in Bijula ​​Jiban, which has become a favorite in the village.  There is an inner truth hidden in the tongue of any human being, by facing which man makes his life comfortable.

Bisnu, who also covers her face with her family, says that her life has been spent in many struggles.  Bisnu, who has a good relationship with all the people in the village, is the queen of music.  One song after another of Bisnu, which is in the heart of Nepali viewers, has reached the peak of discussion.  Any human being is constantly striving to make his journey of struggle a success, which is to keep the human tongue on a positive path.  Staying away from the spectator, without showing her face to anyone, is sitting in the mind of the spectator.

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