Foreign nationals enjoying making Nepal their work place

Thousands of young people flee to different countries of the world every day saying that there is no opportunity in Nepal. Some migrate to the Gulf countries to make ends meet, while others return to the West to live a higher life. Thousands of Nepalis leave the country daily from Tribhuvan International Airport. In fact, they see no opportunity here. In such a situation, everyone is surprised that foreigners have come and settled in Nepal. Similarly, some foreigners who are enjoying themselves in Nepal by marrying Nepalis are doing business in Nepal. Today we are going to give information about some foreign nationals living in Nepal.

Charlie Baba, a citizen of Ireland, has been farming and raising livestock in Kavre district for the past decade. Charlie, who had dreamed of becoming an Australian Army since childhood, had come to visit Nepal. The beauty here after coming to Nepal. The weather made him forget his dream of becoming an army. Finally, for the past decade, he has been enjoying farming on Nepali soil.

Similarly, Maud, a citizen of Holland, is the daughter-in-law of Nepal. Born in Holland, she came to Nepal after marrying young Nepali Sanju Shakya. Maud, who arrived in Nepal eight years ago for work, met Sanju Shakya of Kathmandu. Sanju was also working in the same organization in which Maud came. The love affair between the two turned into a marriage after the meeting with the acquaintance started. She is currently living in Nepal as a Nepali bride and she is fluent in Nepali.

Many have taken the sweetness of the popular Nepali song Phulbutte Sari in the voice of a foreigner. The singer is Beyonc नागरिक, a Ugandan singer. She came to Nepal for special work and sang the song. While singing this song, she did not think that so many Nepalis would like it. It took her three days to learn the song. Besides, the song he sang gained popularity and many people also liked the Nepali language he spoke in the interview. While living in Nepal, she has sung many other Nepali and Newari songs and has also acted in short films. She considers the conflicting director of Nepali films as her father.

Nahi Kim from South Korea was married to Nepali youth Ashish Karki five years ago. She did not come to Nepal as a volunteer at the time of the great earthquake in 2072 BS. After working in the same organization, Ashis and he fell in love. She has turned her love for Nepali youth into marriage and says that her mother also loves Ashis very much.
Will Asbel, a Caribbean citizen, is cultivating vegetables in Lalitpur using aeroponic methods. He came to Nepal 28 years ago to see Mount Everest. Due to the air, water and beauty of Nepal, he is cultivating vegetables in Nepal.

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