Former King Gyanendra Shah issued such a statement

He has announced that he will not celebrate his birthday when the people are frustrated due to lack of vaccination and treatment. It is mentioned in the press release issued by Shahaddhara that it has been decided not to celebrate the 23rd of Asar as a celebration keeping in mind the frustration and suffering of the people.

Shah said on Wednesday that politics, the state system and the management of the state were in a state of transition, crisis and confusion.

Shah said that the people did not get concrete facilities despite chanting slogans of change and progress. “The minds of the Nepali people today are in turmoil, destroying their values, beliefs and existence but not being able to create and give the right essence.”

“On the one hand, today’s world is advancing in the development of new science and cutting-edge technology, but unfortunately our lives and the world are being plagued by a variety of new diseases and epidemics,” Shah said in a statement on Wednesday. He said that he appeared in a state of confusion.

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