Former Nepali Congress Minister claims that NC has become the tail of UML and UCPN

Looking at the recent situation in Nepal, there are many ups and downs in the political arena. In a
short period of time, from the vote of confidence of the Prime Minister to the dissolution of
Parliament, events have taken place. According to Laxman Ghimire, a former minister and leader
of the Nepali Congress, the Nepali Congress has become the tail of the UML and the Maoist

Contrary to the spirit of the people’s movement of 2062 BS, the constitution was drafted in
Nepal. The decision to be made by the Nepali people was guided by 12 points. It was said that
the constitution made by the directive was passed by the Constituent Assembly but the articles
and clauses in the constitution were passed without any discussion by the parliamentarians.
According to Ghimire, some of the lawmakers have not been able to see what is in each article of
the constitution. He said that the provisions in the constitution passed at the speed of a bullet
have brought evil in the current Nepali politics.

Ghimire was also in the lead while drafting the constitution. He said that this kind of bad result
was due to the 12-point agreement. At that time, Girija Prasad Koirala was leading on behalf of
the Nepali Congress. Koirala has been betrayed by UCPN (M) Chairman Prachanda and others
because of the fact that things have come out of nowhere. He gladly admits that the Nepali
Congress also made some mistakes in this. From the very beginning, Oli has not been able to
stand on the fence in the parliament. He said that if Oli had been put on the fence over small
issues of the country, he would not have decided unilaterally for his own interests today. He has
accused Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba and other leaders of failing to play an
effective role.

He said that the party, which believes in the values ​​and norms of the parliamentary system, is
now becoming the tail of other parties. The tendency to follow the UML and the UCPN (M) has
destabilized the Nepali Congress. He said that the first mistake of the Nepali Congress was to
remove Oli and make Prachanda the Prime Minister. He said that it was a shame for the party to
ask for votes in Chitwan.

According to Ghimire, at present, if some people ask about the difference between the Congress
and the Communists, they will not be able to present even three points about the Congress. He
argues that even ordinary cadres have not been able to make a difference. He said that by
following the path of Prachanda and Oli, it seems that the Nepali Congress has forgotten its own path. Nepali congress need to reform in coming days.

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