Fraud exposed – lottery on WhatsApp! ‘King Maker’ Deepak Manange.

Indian thugs who are cheating Nepali citizens through WhatsApp. Fraudulent gangs are active through social media like Viber and WhatsApp. Among them, such gangs are Indian gangs. A similar incident took place in Biratnagar recently. A woman from Biratnagar kept getting phone calls and messages saying that she had won the lottery through WhatsApp with an Indian number. He used to come from that number saying that he had won the lottery through Kon Banega Crorepati. Phone calls started coming to WhatsApp repeatedly asking them to send bank details and details to send the money from the lottery.

On the phone, the swindler spoke from the State Bank of India, my name is Akash Verma. And messages, voice messages and voice calls started coming saying that I am the assistant manager of the bank. The swindler had also sent a video of him counting the money in a bank-like atmosphere saying that he had asked for details to send the money in the lottery. After hearing all these things, the woman began to believe that she had really won the Indian lottery ticket of 2.5 million rupees, that is, 4 million Nepali rupees.

He immediately started sending details to keep more than one lakh rupees in the woman’s bank. He immediately started demanding that he need a bank account including Rs one lakh, date of birth and citizenship. The swindlers also said that during the Corona epidemic, the lottery was opened with the intention of helping those affected by Corona in a mutual understanding between the banks of the two countries.

According to the man, the bank account and details were texted and sent by the woman and her daughter. After sending the bank account, the people logged in from their mobile and looked at the bank account. He also asked to deposit one lakh rupees immediately as there was no money in the account. He said that one lakh rupees should have been deposited in the account as it was about to send 2.5 million rupees.

When the men told them not to tell anyone about it, the woman suspected that they were not thugs. Not to mention that these people are a group of cheaters.

According to the spokesperson of Nepal Police, Basanta Kunwar, they have been using social media like Emo, Viber and WhatsApp. He said that many such incidents have taken place. He urged the Nepal Police to be vigilant in this regard and to avoid such scams. Such fraudulent gangs live in Delhi, India.

Similarly, Gandaki Chief Minister Prithvi Subba Gurung has lost the vote of confidence. After losing the vote of confidence, Gurung has now lost his post, while Gandaki, which was in favor of the UML, has now fallen on the shoulders of the Nepali Congress. According to Gandaki MP Deepak Manange, who won from Manang, all these plans have been hatched.

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