Fraud of Rs 40 million exposed in Pokhara

In Pokhara Metropolitan 17, about 40 million rupees has been swindled. If we look at the issue of fraud, we find that various types of fraud are taking place in Nepali society. A new type of fraud has absconded by swindling Rs 40 million. The nature of fraud is as follows:

To open a small hardware store, to give generous goods to win the hearts of the customers and to make the goods available to the customers at a lower price than what they bought at wholesale. After that, work to win the hearts of the wholesalers who bring goods. Instead of giving crores of goods generously at the place of delivery, giving goods at low prices to the customers. In the same way, they will collect millions of rupees in advance from the customers saying that they will give goods at low prices and after receiving the money, they will run away overnight. People have run many fraudulent businesses. How long has the mind lasted?

About 60 customers have been robbed and become victims. Millions of rupees have been lost to the victims. There was a Shivalaya hardware shop in Pokhara Metropolitan City-17. The hardware was operated by three people. Hardware run jointly by Rajesh, Bishnu and Sabin is currently closed. The customer who bought the goods in this shop paid in advance but did not get the goods. Similarly, the company that gave the goods to the shop gave the goods but did not receive the payment. Vishnu and Sabin have come in contact with the three people running the shop. Another operator Rajesh is absconding. They say that they were cheated by Rajesh who did the work of cheating.

Rajesh used to make house builders deposit money and send goods. Customers used to send goods within 10 minutes of calling. That’s why customers used to pay in advance. Rajesh had asked for money saying that it would be easier to bring the goods if the money was given in advance. In this way, after winning the hearts of all the customers, the customers easily paid. Along with Rajesh, locals Vishnu and Sabin also stayed as partners. Customers say that they have deposited money because they are confident that the local youths have become partners.

Local youths Sabin and Vishnu went to the police station saying their lives were insecure. But they say that the police did not keep them at the police station. According to the employees working in the hardware, all the transactions were done by Rajesh. Sabin and Vishnu used to come to the shop only occasionally. Therefore, they suspect that only Rajesh has a hand in the scam.

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