Free treatment of corona in India through IM A Oxygen Man campaign

India’s popular television station Aaj Tak is running IM Oxygen Man, I Care for India to save the
corona patients. With the spread of the second variant of Covid 19 spreading in India, thousands
of Indians are losing their lives every day. This is done to raise money for free treatment for
covid patients. Through this show, artists, businessmen and people from all walks of life are
presenting the work being done for the control of corona infection.

In India, reports of coronary heart disease patients dying from lack of hospital beds and lack of
oxygen have been circulating on social media and social media. IM Oxygen Man Sole has
succeeded in giving life to many in this situation where they have to die prematurely without any
treatment. In order to make this mission more effective, people from different fields have been
brought to Soma. This is done through virtual media. What has not been done has become a
moving example of today’s IM Oxygen Man So.

Through this, people from different parts of India are invited. Where it has become a great
platform for those who have a sense of community service. In this connection, famous
Bollywood actor Vivek Raj Overroy has also helped in the soma on his behalf. He has provided
Rs 2.5 million for this campaign. Also, Dr. Vivek Bindra, who is famous in the motivational
field, is running a business called Big Business. Dr. Vivek has arranged 200 beds for the free
treatment of Kovid patients. In this difficult situation, 200 coved beds are being operated through
this big business. According to Dr. Vivek, the 200-ward hospital was established in four days.
Where medical, oxygen and doctors, food, etc. were all provided. In addition, the hospital is now
providing free treatment to Corona patients. Which have been established as a well-organized
covid hospital. He said that one nurse has been provided for each of the six patients.

As this infection is still spreading in the country, it is necessary to open Covid Center in every
area for covid management. The aim is to awaken IMA Man in every part of the country. It is
necessary to become an oxygen man to save the regime. The Kailas Foundation has also
provided financial support for this campaign. Kailash Kher is the chairman of the Kailash
Foundation. He has donated Rs 2.5 million. Also, many other personalities have provided

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