From a man turned into a woman Pinky turned from a woman into a man

There are many third gender people in Nepal too. They are not recognized by the government of Nepal. People are born like men and their bodies are like women. Men who behave like women were born as men.  At that time, the man began to behave like a man. When a woman is born, when she grows up, all the habits and behavior like a man began to appear.  People who are forced to endure humiliation from the society are not able to live freely after seeing different qualities in themselves.

Pinky Gurung, a woman born with a male body, gave him the number of males in her childhood. Her childhood name was Sanjit Gurung. She was given the number of males in her childhood by her family.  As her appearance began to change, so did society’s view of her. Elena bhandari, who was born with a female body like hers, later became an alien.

Sanjit’s family, who were thinking of bringing a bride to the house, had searched for a girl several times to get her married.  When she found out that she was not a man but a woman at the age of 9, she was always thinking of not getting married.  .

Pinky, who is contesting from Naya Shakti Nepal, says that she still keeps her identity from others. As a child, Elena did not know what she was for a long time.  The mother could not talk to the father. She was not the first woman to become a man from a woman. Although all her habits were similar to those of a Bebora man, she talked to her brother at home after she started menstruating. She later changed her hormones to a man.

Pinky, who was born in Lamjung, started behaving differently than a boy. She says that when she started showing different qualities, the society used different words for hedgehog.  Ellen says that she is living her life now. Pinky says that she has fought for the happiness of others even though she has suffered a lot of humiliation. She says that she has not been able to live freely in a country where money can buy her happiness.

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